Gods Original Plan

Every inventor who has ever created something had a purpose for its invention. The human who invented the toaster wanted an easy way to make sliced baked bread. That is the purpose of the toaster. The human who invented the television was tired of listening to the radio. Maybe he had no imagination, had to see the face of the person on the radio. Whatever the reason behind the invention,the purpose of televsion was to see and hear the story. Every invention has a purpose. Adam,the first human being invented in the Bible, had a purpose.

God created Earth with two realms - the visible and the invisible. In Genesis 1:28  all human beings should get excited for it says," they will have dominion over the fish of the sea, birds of the air and over every creature that moves on the earth." God just gave dominion to man in the visible realm. In other words, God made man king in the visible realm. Again a king needs a territory to rule to be considered a king. God is King of heaven, satan is king of earth- the invisible realm and Adam was to be king of earth- the visible realm. Adam was to start the human race off and we were to maintain the status of King in the visible realm forever. Let's discuss Adam's role. 

Genesis 2:15 God's first purpose for Adam was to tend the garden of Eden. Yes, God gave Adam a job  before He gave him a woman.This is an important observation our young men must understand today. In verse 16 - 20, God had Adam give names to all the plants and animals. He also gave two commandments as far as dinner was concerned. Eat from any tree in the garden but do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God decided Adam had enough time talking with the animals. He took a rib from Adam and made a woman, Eve. We now have man and woman whom when married are to become one flesh and together are made whole.

It is in Genesis chapter 3, the original purpose of God is going to take a 6000 year detour. Adam was to be the first and only human made by God. He was taught by God how to live successfully in the visible realm,the way He designed and planned. Adam  had only one major rule to abide in. Adam in effect was the first teacher on earth and was to teach everyone the way of life. Of course, we know what happened when Eve came on the scene. Satan convinced her to taste the forbidden fruit. She did and so did Adam.

I want to discuss how and why satan did this. God  gave human beings "dominion" over all living things on  earth.  This is alot of power. He did not give man  dominion over each other.  As far as all the living things were concerned, Adam was the ultimate power in the visible realm. As long as Adam kept Gods commandments, he was king. All those that came from him would inherit the same title. Because of this dominion, both God and satan require a dirt body to operate legally in the visible realm. It is quite simple. If I want to control the visible realm, I must control the human being. What is spiritual warfare? It is the battle of who will control the earth, the visible realm. We will go much deeper into this, but understand ,this is where the battles in life begin.

 In the beginning there was no room for satan to enter Adam or Eve. They were pure and innocent like a child. In fact, a child is the same way until an adult gets there hands and tongue around them. Satan needed a dirt body to do legal business in the visible realm. He chose a serpent body to do his work. Eve accepted the offer, bit the fruit and that is where Gods original plan takes the detour. This is the fall of man. Read Genesis 3:1-13 for a complete explanation. We went from being kings, to becoming slaves to satan. Immedaitely they hid from God and felt ashamed of their nakedness. Adam even made sure to tell on Eve. Yes, Adam failed to protect her. This was the immediate effect of sin 6000 years ago that we still experience today. Like blinking, it is  natural for us to hide from God, instead of running to Him, when we  sin. We feel ashamed and guilty which brings on torments such as saddness, lonliness and depression. These lead to anger, hate, lust and a host of other addictions like drugs and alcohol. Is this not the world we live in today?

It sounds horrible and it is. But God, the ultimate inventor, had a back up plan in the event of unexpected decision making by humans. In Genesis 3:15, God promised satan that it is through a woman whom he deceived, that there will come one who will set the score. "..And He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel. " This is the reason Jesus came to Earth. He came to re-establish the  government, to reclaim the Kingdom that was stolen from Adam and Eve. 

Its important to know, God, like all great inventors, had an original plan. More important to us today is that He had a back up plan. A plan so brilliant that all the defects in His origial product could be healed and renewed, no matter what damage it inflicts on itself. Our God is the greatest inventor to ever exist in any realm. We are an incredible invention. If we only knew why we were designed and what our real purpose is.